About Us

by joelharris on June 8, 2011

Joel Harris and Harlan David have been leading worship for The Rebelution’s Do Hard Things Tour for several years, in cities all over the US, from Chicago to DC, and from Atlanta to their hometown of Portland, OR. Their first joint recording project, The Rebelution Tour EP, released on June 21, 2011.  The EP features several original worship songs, including “Ransom”, “Yours Alone”, and “Made Anew”. It also includes “Goodnight, Mama”, a tribute to Harris’ mother, Sono Sato Harris, who after a short battle with cancer, passed away in July of ’10.

This recording project is completely independent (no record company, label, or advertising), so our fans can make a huge difference by helping spread the word about about the EP. If you’re comfortable, share a link to this site on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, or other social network. We definitely could use some more “Likes” on our Facebook page. Please share what you think of the EP on iTunes or Amazon, or comment via Facebook. Thanks so much, and enjoy!